June 10 - Liebherr has launched two new control assistance features for its LR 1300 crawler crane - the vertical line finder and horizontal load path - which are designed to increase comfort, safety and efficiency during crane operation.

The vertical line finder feature assists the operator in avoiding side pull of the load caused by the long distance between operator and load, or asymmetric centres of gravity.

By pressing a button on the joystick the operator can bring the crane's boom and hoist winches, as well as the swing, into the correct position. Crosshairs on the monitor then show whether the rope is in a vertical position.

Liebherr says that the vertical line finder can help avoid possible collisions with obstacles and people, as well as facilitating lifting of loads when the view is obstructed. 

The second crawler crane device - the horizontal load path - means that loads can be moved to the projected position more efficiently and precisely, even in blind spots, said Liebherr. Moreover, it facilitates the coordination of loads during lifting operations with more than one crane involved.

Both new control assisting devices are currently available for Liebherr's 300-tonne capacity LR 1300 crawler, but the crane manufacturer says that in future the devices will be available for the entire LR series up to 300-tonnes in capacity. 

Watch an animation of the features below:



Liebherr's horizontal load path.


Liebherr's vertical line finder.