April 23 - K

Developed with the needs of heavy haulage and abnormal load carriers' operational needs, Kässbohrer's two-axle low-loader with pin-connection, K.SLL.P 2, comes with the option of two pin-connected extra platforms of 5 m length each, on top of standard extension of 4.6 m. 

Pin-connected extra platforms are attachable between the bogie and the pool, bringing the total pool length to 21.35 m when all extension options are used.

With its platform height of 35.0 cm, K.SLL.P 2 also offers a maximum load capacity of 18 tonnes at a speed up to 80 kph when all extension options are used. If the pin-connected extensions are not utilised, the maximum load capacity reaches to 25.74 tonnes (also up to 80 kph).

In addition, Kässbohrer's three-axle low-loader, K.SLL.P 3 offers a pin-connected extra platform extension option of 3 m. With its ground clearance of 32.5 cm, K.SLL.P 3 reaches a total pool length of 16.3 mm with new extension option, on top of the standard pool length of 7.9 m and standard extension of 5.4 m.