The Netherlands-based crane contractor M. Verschoor has deployed its recently acquired Liebherr LG 1750 mobile lattice boom crane, supplied with an SX3 boom system, for the erection of wind turbine components in northeast Germany.

According to Liebherr, the SX3 version delivers an increase in lifting capacity of 20 percent and significantly higher wind tolerance compared to the conventional SX version.

“It’s 165 m main boom and 12 m jib gives us a lifting capacity of 127 tonnes. That is really enormous,” said Johan Bezemer, crane operator at M. Verschoor. 

The work involved lifting components of 170 m-high Vestas wind turbines.

“The first four tower sections each weighed 120 tonnes which, when combined with the hook block, meant a load case of around 123 tonnes. With a radius of 35 m, that meant that we used the full lifting capacity of the crane for this job,” Bezemer said.

Liebherr added that both the SX2 and SX3 systems for crawler and lattice boom cranes is not just a response to the increase in the weight of turbine components and hoist heights – the boom reinforcement also delivers significantly greater rigidity in the boom design and therefore results in less crane downtime due to high wind speeds.