July 14 - Lubbock, Texas based Marks Crane lifted and positioned a Genie scissor lift at Texas Tech University's Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center, using a Terex Explorer 5600 all terrain crane.

Marks Crane branch manager, Justin Moffett explained: "The construction crew needed a scissor lift to take down a rock climbing wall inside the facility, but it was too large to go through the doors."

Instead, the Marks Crane crew used the Terex Explorer 5600 to lift the 7.9-tonne scissor lift down into an area at the back of the recreation centre.

"We had to access the site through a small alley and then set up on a manicured, sloped lawn so we had to be careful to not spin the tyres while manoeuvring into place. Once we had the crane in place, we used mats under it to distribute the pressure of the machine's weight evenly over the ground," explained Moffett

Configured with a 28.8 m main boom and full outriggers (8.1 m x 7.49 m), Marks Crane's 180-tonne capacity Explorer 5600 delivered more than enough power to get the scissor lift into place.