Lifting equipment manufacturer Modulift has issued a warning about other brands launching products that they deem as compatible with the company’s spreader range.


“Not all spreader beams are the same,” said Modulift. “If someone decides to buy a product from another brand and attempts to combine it with a Modulift product, there are safety issues that must be addressed first.” 

It said that all Modulift products conform to the highest safety standards and global regulations, including DNV 2.22 for lifting appliances. Should someone choose to merge Modulift products with another brand, the manufacturer continued, then there are several risks to note. 

Certifications will no longer be valid if Modulift products are combined with other brands. “This means that anyone purchasing this type of product must get them proof load tested to ensure the product adheres to safety standards,” the company explained. 

This will be required for each and every lift if Modulift products are merged with another brand. The company added that users should always check for the Modulift Data Plate (pictured above).