April 20 - A Fassi F425RA e-dynamic crane with jib, winch and platform has helped install the last arrival station of the new Mont Blanc cable car system at 3,466 m above sea level.

The new Mont Blanc cable car system, which has taken four years to construct, will become operational in June 2015.

"The aim was to identify a crane configuration that would meet the specific needs of the construction site, taking full advantage of the versatility of the machine," explained Rossano Ceresoli, head of research and development at Fassi.

"As well as using it on the Mont Blanc construction site, the customer had requested that the crane could be subsequently installed on a commercial vehicle. This is how we identified the best solution to be the F425RA e-dynamic crane model coupled with the L324 jib and equipped with winch and platform."

The high-altitude construction site needed a crane capable of handling materials at the upper station and installing the metal structures, which would complement the heavy lifting duties carried out by a pair of tower cranes.

The crane was crucial in the construction of the two-storey station, as well as in the laying of steel girders and crossbeams, said Fassi.