PHL Hydraulics Ireland has used 16 Enerpac cube jacks for the synchronised lifting of a 160-tonne racking system at a large industrial facility.

Enerpac - PHL Hydraulics heavy lift pfi

Measuring 50 m x 7 m, the racking system was raised to a height of 2.2 m. Enerpac said it is believed to be the largest array of its SCJ-50 cube jacks to be used for a single lift.

The cube jacks are powered by a single split flow pump, making the process simpler and quicker when compared other lifting solutions such as forklift trucks and chain blocks, or large scissor tables and electro-mechanical screw jacks. With the cube jacks, the lifting operation was completed in just over one hour.

“Given the large number of racking systems to be installed, the time savings using cube jacks are considerable. Using other lifting methods would have meant more labour and costs as well as being slower and more hazardous – everything would have to be built at a height,” said Damien Lynch, managing director at PHL Hydraulics Ireland.