August 4 - Poland based equipment manufacturer Protea is expanding its product range to include heavy lift cargo ship cranes.

Protea's engineers are developing the ship crane, which the company claims will "set new standards in heavy lift cargo crane technology and performance".

The electric crane is constructed from ultra-high strength steel and will be available in capacities ranging from 60 to 500 tonnes.

"The combination of high strength steel and the electric drive system allows our customers to benefit from significant improvements in operational efficiency" said Protea's global sales manager Graham Manning.

Manning added that the new crane range has weight savings of up to 40 percent when compared with standard cargo ship cranes, and claims that its electric drive system can improve cargo handling times as well as reducing energy consumption.

The crane design also features a reduced minimum crane radius, which Protea says gives increased deck space, and a panoramic cabin design for improved operator visibility.

Protea plans to test the first unit at its manufacturing and testing facilities in southern Poland in 2017.