USA-based Samson Rope has introduced new ranges of synthetic ropes – EverSteel-X, AmSteel-X and SureSteel – designed to improve safety in mooring operations.

EverSteel-X contains Dyneema DM20 fibres and is designed for semi-permanent mooring. Samson said this line offers the highest UV-resistance and fatigue performance of all its mooring lines.

The AmSteel-X, made with Dyneema SK78 fibre, is a development of Samson’s AmSteel-Blue product. It is highly visible and has a yarn-level coating for internal and external abrasion resistance.

Samson explained that the third option – SureSteel – offers a balance between initial investment and service life required. All products are MEG4 tested and certified through the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

According to the high-performance rope developer, the products help to improve safety and efficiency in marine operations with these advancements, regardless of the line selected.