August 10 - Steil Kranarbeiten has purchased a 1,200-tonne capacity Demag AC 1000-9 all terrain crane.

According to Brigit Steil, managing director for Steil Kranarbeiten, "The AC 1000-9 combines power with compactness, which makes it very versatile." 

The optional 100 m main boom also allows the Trier, Germany-based company to work on challenging job sites, including high rise wind turbine erection projects, adds Steil. 

The nine-axle all terrain crane will be delivered in October 2017.

Steil Kranarbeiten's services include special-purpose crane work for weights up to 1,000 tonnes, heavy haulage services, recovery and towing services for trucks and buses, and industrial and company relocation.  

From left to right: Klaus Beulker, Terex Cranes' senior director operations; Karl Trippel, technical director at Steil Kranarbeiten; Brigit Steil, managing director; Steve Filipov, president, Terex Cranes.