September 16 - SAL Heavy Lift's vessel Lone has shipped six units of heavy project cargo, weighing a total of 2,219 tonnes, for a refinery and petrochemical complex project in Vietnam.

The consignment included a riser, two stripper columns, a PP splitter, a debutaniser and a demethaniser, which had a total volume of 19,405 cu m.

Three of the large pieces were shipped above deck, including the 119-tonne riser, a 902-tonne stripper measuring 37 m long and the 779-tonne PP splitter; while the 117-tonne stripper, 70-tonne debutaniser and 233-tonne and 61 m long demethaniser were stored below deck.

Due to the PP splitter's length of 95 m, the unit had to be discharged on the starboard side of the vessel, which required the ship to perform a 180-degree turn during discharge operations. Lone used its DP (dynamic positioning) system to complete the turn without tug assistance, explained SAL.

A number of SAL's other heavy lift vessels have taken part in this huge project, which has involved the shipment of around 220,000 tonnes of cargo so far, and continues to provide the company with work.

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