Tadano is launching a 130-ton (117.9-tonne) rough-terrain crane for the North American market –the GR-1300XL-4.

The crane features a six-section boom that can be extended up to 183.7 ft (56 m) using a telescoping pinning system. With a compact carrier length of 28 ft (8.5 m) on a two-axle system and a self-removable counterweight, Tadano said the GR-1300XL-4 can be transported to jobsites easily and efficiently.

The unit is equipped with the Tadano View System – a three-camera network that offers right front, rear, and blind spot views to assist with safe crane operation and driving.

The GR-1300XL-4 also includes Tadano’s Clearance Sonar system, which integrates four proximity sensors into the rear fender of the crane to audibly and visually alert the operator of any obstacles behind, while also serving as a blind spot warning system.