January 16 - German crane service provider Bl

This was the very first Explorer 5600 to be used by a German crane service provider, said Terex.

In order to make the lift as fast and cost-effective as possible, the crane was fully equipped and driven to the jobsite so that it could begin work straight away.

Blüggel was required to place plastic plates next to the walkway in order to move the crane into position and protect the path from damage. Since the ground along the Ruhr's banks could not bear the load by itself, steel plates also had to be placed under the crane's outriggers.

The crane was configured with a main boom of 33.4 m long and a 46-tonne counterweight, which meant that the machine could lift the 29 m long and 17-tonne bridge at a radius of 20 m, explained Terex.

As the crane was lifting the bridge, a fence limited the crane's turn radius to just under 4.43 m, but due to the model's compact design the Blüggel team was able to load the bridge onto a heavy-duty vehicle successfully, said Terex.

"One of the main reasons I decided on the Explorer 5600 was the fact that it could work in tight spaces, as was the case with this project on the Ruhr. It has a width of only 2.75 m, which makes it as compact as the AC 120 we already had, but also delivered much greater performance," said owner of the crane service company, Friedrich Blüggel.

Watch a video of this project below: