August 22 - Working alongside two other cranes, Germany's Steil Kranarbeiten has used a Terex AC 200 crane and a AC 350 crane to lift and install the 35 m long, 60-tonne observation deck for the Saarpolygon monument.

The cranes placed the steel deck between the two diagonal elements of the large walk-in monument, which is located on top of the Duhamel coal spoil pile in Ensdorf, Germany.

"The new monumental landmark is designed to serve as a symbolic testimonial of the 250 years of coal mining that in many ways defined the Saar Region. The steel structure, which has a height of about 30 m, represents the history of mining, coal, and steel in the area," explains Frank Nicklas, who is part of Steil Kranarbeiten's field team.

Getting to the top of the spoil pile to get to the work site was unusual and demanding, as the steep climb to the top took them through narrow winding roads and forced them to advance slowly.

Perfect weather conditions allowed the cranes to lift the steel bridge, which was made by Düren-based steel fabrication company Queck and had been pre-assembled the week before, and bring it to the required height of 30 m with perfect coordination.

Steil Kranarbeiten
says the enormous walk-in monument is not just a landmark that honours the region's miners and population, but also a tourist attraction for the municipality of Ensdorf, and the entire Saarland - and it is proud to have contributed to its installation.