November 20 - Ingolstadt based Autodienst Eineder has used its Terex Explorer 5800 all-terrain crane to hoist a number of flat roof sections in Gaimersbach, Germany.

"While not needing to lift the loads particularly high, we had to hoist them with a very wide radius. With a boom length of 70 m, the Explorer 5800 was perfectly suited to this," said company managing director Peter Eineder.

The crane was equipped with 51.6 tonnes of counterweight, which required only two trucks for haulage to the construction site.

The project involved 25 lifts, with loads weighing around 2.5 tonnes each, requiring a working radius of up to 58 m.

"Such a long, drawn-out project with so many lifts not only puts demanding and constant strain on the equipment, but also on the people. Because of its spacious carrier and superstructure cabs, the workplaces of the Explorer 5800 are very comfortable, enabling focused and reliable work even after hours of operation," added crane operator Christoph Funk.