December 20 - ABS Group is responding to the threat of targeted attacks and cyber assaults on control systems by offering security assessments specifically for newbuilds, operating assets and retiring assets, performed by certified security practitioners

Increased internet and remote connectivity to offshore assets has exposed industrial control systems to targeted attacks and vulnerabilities which were previously unnoticed.

"The current industry approach is piecemeal with some suggesting solutions that just don't work in offshore environments. We're bringing cyber security experts, wrapped in standards-based methodologies, into the oilfield that understand these systems deeply," said Cris Dewitt, director of technology, software and control systems at ABS.

"Cyber security is a large component of software integrity, and if understood and acted upon, can make an asset much safer," added Tom Nolan, vice president of maritime services.

ABS' certified experts will develop a security baseline and identify potential gaps based on control system standards and practices, specifically modified to address the intricacies of offshore assets.

Owners and operators may use this information to mitigate vulnerabilities and decrease the risk of compromise on an asset, says ABS.