April 26 - Enerpac has been awarded a contract by Burkhalter to extend the height of its 2,000-tonne capacity jack-up system from 20 m to 36 m for future projects.

According to Enerpac, the increase in height will produce the world's tallest jack-up system, allowing Burkhalter to handle more civil engineering and industrial multipoint lifts.

Enerpac's jack-up system is a bespoke multipoint lifting system, which includes four jack-up towers positioned under each corner of a load. The four-tower setup has a lifting capacity of 2,000 tonnes, with each jack-up tower containing four hydraulic cylinders in each corner, which are used to lift and stack steel boxes measuring 1 m in height.

"We had considered using strand jacks for a bridge demolition project, however, the barge-mounted Enerpac jack-up system will be a safer more efficient, synchronised lift of the bridge off its foundations," said David James, project manager at Burkhalter.

Increasing the height of the system will involve adding an additional 56 boxes and four strengthened corner bracing units to accommodate the extra 14 boxes per corner, said the manufacturer.