May 10 - Load cell designer and manufacturer LCM Systems has launched its WLL range of wireless load monitoring links, designed primarily for marine and offshore applications.

Available in capacities from 5 tonnes to 100 tonnes, the all stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance, while the dimensions have been matched to suit standard shackle sizes to ensure suitability for a wide range of under-hook weighing applications.

The WLL range features IP67 environmental sealing, 3.1b material certification, and a robust storage case supplied as standard. The load links have a transmission distance of 600 m, in clear line of sight, and are capable of more than 300 hours of continuous use with AAA 1.2Ah batteries.

The WLL series is also supplied as standard with a T24-HS-LS handheld battery powered indicator that can display in both tonnes and lbs, or alternatively, an optional T24-HA handheld display can address up to 12 load links for individual monitoring or for summation applications.