May 29 - The Van Oord/Mammoet joint venture has driven the last foundation pile into the bed of the IJsselmeer, completing the foundation work for the Westermeerwind offshore wind park.

In total 48 foundation piles have been installed in the bed of the IJsselmeer.

Mammoet explained that since piles are only driven during the daytime, the schedule allowed for the installation of one pile per day. However, the Van Oord/Mammoet joint venture achieved the driving of two piles within 12 hours, which the companies said was an 'extraordinary accomplishment'.

"We are very satisfied with how well the installation of the foundation piles went," said Westermeerwind project director Peter de Weijs. "Despite the fact that we were dependent on the weather, everything proceeded extremely smoothly." 

The power cables are currently being laid between the completed offshore wind turbine foundations and the transformer station itself.

The installation of 44 km of cables between the turbines and the land is scheduled for completion in June; while the installation of the tower sections, nacelles and blades is expected to begin in mid-July, with first power scheduled to reach land in August. The entire wind park is planned for completion in February 2016.