August 15 - Nooteboom has introduced the load-sensing lift axle PowerUP, for semi-trailers with axles that are equipped with hydraulic suspension.

The PowerUp features a hydraulic controller, and in the retracted position contributes towards less tyre wear, reduced fuel consumption and improved manoeuvrability of the vehicle. 

The lift axle prevents driving with an axle load that is too high, says Nooteboom, which means overload protection for both the trailer and the road surface. Whenever the maximum legal axle load is exceeded, the PowerUp function will lower one or more axles. 

For safety reasons Nooteboom has elected to only let the automatic lowering function of the axles operate when the trailer is moving.

The axle features an optional starting-off aid, which can lift the front axle of the loaded semi-trailer, when travelling at a speed of up to 20 kph. In accordance with international regulations, for speeds which exceed 30 kph the axles are automatically lowered again. 

The PowerUp is controlled via push buttons on the trailer or from the cab, and can be fitted on all Nooteboom semi-trailers with hydraulic suspension.