November 5 - Plant Speed has acquired a second 250-tonne capacity Mercedes-Benz tractor unit from City West Commercials.

The new unit is an 8x4 Arocs 4163S model from Mercedes' Euro VI SLT range.

It will be added to Plant Speed's existing Actros model, which the company claims was also one of the UK's first vehicles to be fitted with the Turbo Retarder Clutch. The clutch works in conjunction with the 16-speed Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission, replacing the previous manual gearbox and torque converter clutch.

Paul Lomas, managing director of Plant Speed, stated: "The Turbo Clutch is a fantastic piece of kit. It's very sensitive and offers fine control characteristics, so for low-speed manoeuvres, or when pulling away on a steep gradient, it's absolutely brilliant."

Plant Speed operates across the UK and the new Arocs 4163S has already been used to haul everything from wind turbines and heavy plant, to bridge sections on bolsters.