February 17 - RUD has introduced the ABA lifting point and L-ABA lashing point, which aim to increase safety when lifting or lashing heavy loads.

The ABA lifting point and L-ABA lashing point are produced from high-strength steel, quenched and tempered, before being covered in phosphate for improved material strength and wear resistance. The units are loadable in any direction and operational to temperatures as low as - 40°C.

RUD explained that the ABA lifting point offers a safety factor of 4:1, while the L-ABA lashing point offers a safety factor of 2:1.

The lifting and lashing points provide customers with the ability to check the load ring for damage and wear, using the patented wear-marking indicator on both the inside and outside of the load ring body, says RUD.

The wear mark informs the user if there is more than 10 percent wear on the item, which means that the unit must be removed from service. The marks also show the angle of the sling or attachment point relative to the ABA, added the manufacturer.