January 27 - RUD has unveiled its new ICE-LBG-SR super rotating load ring, with innovative double ball bearing technology.

The double ball bearing technology means that lifting, turning or rotating under full loads, vertically or horizontally can be done safely without any chance of the bolt opening mid lift, said RUD.

The lifting point solution has the same design as the VLBG series, which can be turned 360 degrees and is loadable in all directions.

RUD explained that the demand for safety when lifting and turning at high working load limits resulted in the creation of the new bolt quality - the RUD ICE bolt. The manufacturer also developed the patented fine grain steel, which it says offers an impact strength of 56 Joules at temperatures as low as - 60 degrees Celsius.

RUD says that the new ICE-LBG-SR load ring has "solved a real problem in the industry" and provides the ultimate safety factor when lifting, turning, rotating and tilting under full loads. The manufacturer claims that the bolt will securely stay firmly fastened under full loads, vertically or horizontally.