May 16 - Samson Rope has introduced its Agile lifting system for offshore lifting and construction applications.

Utilising Samson's high-performance AmSteel-Blue and AS-78 synthetic lines, Agile is a hybrid product that combines the advantages of both round and rope slings into one lightweight, easy-to-handle rigging system for heavy payloads.

The system was designed for engineered lifts requiring sling strengths of 50 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes.

As payloads become increasingly larger, traditional rigging has become heavier and therefore more difficult to handle. As difficulty and weights increase, so does the possibility of costly delays, safety risks and overall operating expenses, explained Samson.

Agile uses a continuous length of high-performance synthetic rope looped multiple times within critical length tolerances. These loops are organised to maintain internal balance and placed inside a protective sheath, which opens for inspection.