August 15 - Trail King Industries has launched its Commercial MG-HG detachable gooseneck trailer, which features interchangeable gooseneck styles.

The Commercial MG-HG comes standard with the full-width mechanical gooseneck and is engineered to accommodate four interchangeable gooseneck styles. Goosenecks can be ordered in either full-width or narrow-width, and mechanical or hydraulic, to accommodate different customer requirements.

Trail King said the new trailer has been re-engineered to minimise moisture-trapping areas, minimising the build-up of road debris and moisture that leads to corrosion. Rick Farris, vice president of sales and marketing for Trail King, said: "The Commercial MG-HG offers the most standard equipment of any trailer of its kind on the market, plus a variety of options, for the ultimate in hauling versatility."

The trailer can be purchased in four standard configurations. The 27.1-tonne capacity and 31.75-tonne capacity models have a width of 2.78 m and a deck length of 8.84 m. The larger 36.3 tonne and 40.1 tonne trailers have a width of 3.1 m, with a useable deck length of 8.8 m.