Liebherr’s remote service XpertAssist enables a location-independent access to machine and diesel engine controls of maritime cranes. This ensures the best possible support and increased service efficiency of such devices.


Source: Liebherr

Liebherr’s remote customer service, XpertAssist

In the dynamic world of heavy machinery, downtime due to crane failures can be both costly and time-consuming. Imagine a scenario where a crane breaks down, and the technician must travel long distances to diagnose and fix the issue. This not only delays operations but also incurs significant travel expenses.

Liebherr, a renowned name in the maritime crane industry, has addressed this challenge with their innovative XpertAssist service. Let’s delve into how XpertAssist revolutionises remote crane support: 

Immediate diagnosis via audio-video call

When a crane faces trouble, XpertAssist enables an immediate support by an audio-video call between the on-site operator and a technical expert at the maritime Liebherr headquarters in Rostock, Germany. The operator can share real time visuals of the crane’s components, allowing the Liebherr service expert to assess the situation promptly. As XpertAssist eliminates the need to travel in some cases, it significantly shortens response times for some crane faults.


Source: Liebherr

XpertAssist enables an immediate support by an audio-video call between the on-site operator and a technical expert.

Efficient problem solving

The technical expert acts remotely as a virtual guide, providing step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot the issue. Whether it’s a sensor malfunction, hydraulic problem, or electrical glitch, the expert guides the on-site operator through the necessary checks. This cooperative approach enables an efficient solution without delay in certain problem cases.

Access to machine data

XpertAssist also grants remote access to critical machine data, including engine control unit (ECU) information. Liebherr service technicians can analyse engine performance, diagnose faults and even reset exhaust after-treatment systems remotely. The result? Reduced downtime and increased machine availability.

Global availability

XpertAssist is available worldwide, bridging geographical gaps. Whether the crane is in a bustling city or a remote construction site, the same level of technical expertise is accessible. Second-level support directly from the manufacturer (OEM) ensures consistent quality.


Source: Liebherr

XpertAssist also grants remote access to critical machine data.

Cost savings and environmental impact

By decreasing on-site service visits, XpertAssist reduces service costs up to 20% annually. Moreover, the time in which a device is repaired is shortened up to 50%. This means that daily business can be resumed quickly and, for example, expensive idle times for ships can be avoided. Moreover, fewer travel hours mean lower carbon emissions – a win for both the customer and the environment.

In summary, the Liebherr service XpertAssist innovates the way of crane troubleshooting. It’s a game changer for the industry, ensuring swift, efficient support without the need for physical presence.