Africa Global Logistics (AGL) – formerly Bolloré Africa Logistics – has delivered oil and gas equipment, measuring 39 m long and weighing 170 tonnes, to a client in Egypt.

AGL--Egypt Shipment - Image 3

According to AGL, delivering the high-value cargo required delicate handling, while adhering the strictest safety standards.

The company, which rebranded earlier this year following MSC’s acquisition of Bolloré Africa Logistics, added that the project highlights its proficiency in complex industrial project logistics.
During 2022, the AGL team in Egypt delivered over 130,000 tonnes of equipment from the port of Adabiya to client sites, including cargoes weighing up to 140 tonnes and weighing 35 m long. “These significant shipments presented considerable challenges due to poor road conditions in the region, with nearly 40 percent of the roadways being unpaved,” said AGL.

“Despite these obstacles, the AGL Egypt team worked tirelessly to overcome these difficulties, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the cargoes to their intended destinations.”