Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes team recently overcame windy conditions to safely install air handling units (AUH) at one of the largest data centres in Europe.


Ainscough was appointed by Klimatec to undertake the lifts in Surrey, UK. Situated in an established trading estate south of London. After ensuring Ainscough’s 650-tonne lift capacity crane could make it through the tight gates at the premises, Ainscough began to prepare for the lift. Daikin UK provided three new AUHs, which were craned off wagons. Activity was paused due to wind speeds exceeding the crane’s capabilities. 

When time came for the lift, the crane’s boom was fully extended but was unable to lift due to the adverse wind conditions. Ainscough’s team then checked the variable wind speed charts and reduced the boom length, which enabled the operation to continue. The following day, the wind had dropped off enough to allow Ainscough to swap the three original McQuay AUHs out for the new Daikins.  The old AUHs were then taken to the rear of the site ready to be dismantled and recycled.  

Paddy Denby, contract lift manager, Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “Even with all the planning in the world, you can be thrown a curveball by the weather conditions – but the calm approach of the crane operators and supervisor were a credit to Ainscough Crane Hire in such testing conditions and the technology available on our cranes means it’s usually possible to find a solution that can deliver the lift.”