Baumann has used Goldhofer axle lines to move two heat exchangers to a port in Passau, Germany, on behalf of Linde Engineering.

Baumann-Linde_04-IMG_3192 copy

One unit measured 33.65 m long and 6.05 m wide. The smaller exchanger measured 29.5 m long and 6.7 m wide. For the project, Baumann called upon its fleet of THP/SL-L axle lines and 200-tonne capacity turntables from Goldhofer.

The exchangers, which weighed 274 tons (248.6 tonnes) and 278 tons (252.2 tonnes), had to be moved during the day. For the smaller unit, a combination with a self-steering trailer was used. It had an overall length of 69 m and a gross combination weight of 433 tons (393 tonnes).

The other exchanger required 16 THP/ST axles lines combined with 14 THP/SL-L axle lines, creating a 72 m-long combination.

Due to the enormous size of the two vehicle combinations, the convoy had to travel mainly on secondary roads. In addition to the police escort, a route safety team with several vehicles was deployed throughout the journey to remove and subsequently replace obstacles such as road signs and traffic lights.

The Baumann team also had to overcome a large number of traffic islands and 90-degree bends. To navigate the mountainous landscape of Upper Bavaria, Baumann used six tractor units, which were used in push-pull combinations on gradients of up to 12 percent.

“For years we have been using Goldhofer heavy-duty modules, and they have now been replaced step by step with Goldhofer’s new THP/SL-L series to meet today’s increasing demands in terms of axle loads,” said Baumann’s fleet manager Matthias Kirschner.