Norwegian offshore services provider Boa, on behalf of Italy-headquartered transport engineering specialist Fagioli, has supported the launch of the USA’s first Jones Act-compliant wind turbine installation vessel, Charybdis.

Boa supports Charybdis launch

Source: Boa Offshore

Under construction at Seatrium AmFELS shipyard in Brownsville, Texas, the installation vessel was rolled onto three barges simultaneously (Boabarge 29, 30 and 38), and placed in the water. 880 axle lines of SPMTs were used to move the installation vessel, and the total loadout weighed 26,000 tons (23,586.8 tonnes). 

Charybdis is being built for Dominion Energy with a deck area of 58,000 sq ft (5,388 sq m), presided over by a main crane with a 426-ft (129.8 m) boom and a 2,200-tonne lift capacity. It was originally scheduled for launch at the end of 2023. 

Earlier this year, Dominion confirmed that “Charybdis is scheduled to be complete in late 2024/early 2025.”