German crane contractor Bracht has put its recently added Tadano GTC-2000 to work lifting precast concrete components in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Tadano GTC-2000 Bracht

Photo credit: Bracht.

“The Tadano GTC-2000 closes the gap between the 130 and 220-tonne capacity classes. And with a lifting capacity of 200 tonnes and a supremely powerful load moment of 585 tonne-metres, it’s simply a perfect fit for our fleet,” said Bracht technical manager Thomas Spangemacher

One of Bracht’s criteria leading to the decision to purchase the Tadano GTC-2000 was the telescopic boom crawler crane’s lifting capacity on inclined terrain; it can lift 34 tonnes at an inclination of 4 degrees with a 30 m-long main boom at a radius of 12 m. This means, according to Tadano, that it is often possible to skip the time-consuming step of levelling the ground at the work site, for example when erecting large lattice boom crawler cranes on challenging terrain. 

For its first job, however, the crane was used to lift 15-tonne precast concrete components. At the site, the crane was set up in two hours with 60 tonnes of counterweight – enough to lift the precast concrete components with a boom length of 41.1 m at a radius of 20 m.