In 2021, Volga Shipping Company together with its subsidiary Volgo-Baltic Logistic completed 17 voyages delivering approximately 11,000 tonnes of oversize and project cargo.


Volga Shipping Company’s fleet transported project cargo from Europe to ports in the Baltic and Caspian seas, delivered items to ports on the Volga and Kama rivers, and jobs from Turkey to the ports on the White Sea.

In particular, Volga Shipping completed six shipments from Europe to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan including equipment for the development of the offshore oil and gas fields; three voyages for transportation of cargoes for the petrochemical industry of the Central and Volga federal districts; and two voyages with cargo for the construction of an LNG terminal in the Murmansk region.

Each project was preceded by several months of preparatory works. At the initial stage, the shipping company and its logistics operator carried out marketing research, as well as feasibility studies. During this process, Volga Shipping made engineering calculations, developed several transportation solutions, cargo placement and fastening assessments, as well as solutions for oversize equipment loading and discharge. 

In early June, Volga Shipping was contracted to deliver industrial equipment for an oil production enterprise in the Caspian region from the Norwegian port of Drammen. The cargo was transported by the vessel Rusich-11 and was delivered to the port of Baku, Azerbaijan, in July. 

After unloading, the dry cargo ship made a short transit to Kazakhstan’s port of Bautino to take on crawler crane components. Leaving the port of loading at the end of August, the ship passed the Lower Volga and the Don river, proceeded to the Sea of Azov and made a sea voyage through the Black and Mediterranean seas, the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Scottish port of Methil. In total, Rusich-11 covered more than 12,000 nautical miles.