COLI Shipping & Transport has delivered a second-hand shiploader and related cargo from Hamriyah, UAE, to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.  

COLI coordinates shiploader delivery

Source: COLI 19/10/2023

The project, which was handled by COLI’s Istanbul team, required two-and-a-half months of engineering and logistics preparation.   

The shiploader, which weighed 140 tonnes and measured 15.5 m x 8 m x 8.4 m, was initially surveyed by a local team of engineers in the UAE to make sure all hydraulics and steerings were in order. To this effect, the team also carried out a measurement study.  

In two days, the cargoes were moved from a laydown area located near Hamriyah port and prepared for lifting and transport. This included handling local Customs clearance. COLI’s team then loaded the cargo onto trailers, transporting it to a selected vessel.  

Upon arrival at a terminal in Rotterdam, the team arranged for the cargoes to be transhipped to a barge and delivered to the consignee’s terminal in Rotterdam.  

The entire operation, from the day of loading in the UAE up to the cargo’s arrival at the Rotterdam terminal, took 27 days. With the exception of import Customs clearance in the port of Rotterdam, all related services were provided by COLI’s team.