Collett & Sons, in partnership with SH Structures, has delivered two sections for the Tan House footbridge in the UK.

Collett Delivery Tan House Footbridge 4

The bridge sections measured 26 m and 27 m long, respectively, with a width of 4 m. The first leg of the journey commenced from SH Structures facility in Sherburn-in-Elmet, where both wide loads were loaded onto three-axle triple extendable trailers equipped with rear steering capabilities.

They were then transported to the Jack Tighes industrial coating facility in Doncaster. Before embarking on the second leg of the journey, Collett conducted comprehensive site visits to strategise the route, identifying street furniture that needed to be removed.

Collett Delivery Tan House Footbridge 1

The second leg of the journey saw the bridge sections depart the Jack Tighes facility to Wokingham town centre. Given the challenging access through the town centre, Collett coordinated with Balfour Beatty and Wokingham Borough Council to facilitate a controlled road closure. 

In addition to two large bridge sections, Collett delivered additional components such as the bridge support columns and bridge step units that were to be delivered in line with the site construction schedule.