Transportes Lalgy, in cooperation with Bolloré Transport & Logistics, has deployed 18 axle lines of CombiMAX modules from Faymonville to move large components for a gas project in Maputo, Mozambique.

Modular CombiMAX opens new possibilities for Lalgy (3)

12 km of chain and more than 60 cable reels needed to be moved, said Faymonville. The reels measured over 5 m tall and tipped the scales at 65 tons (59 tonnes), while the chains in their steel baskets weighed up to 150 tons (136.1 tonnes).

Modular CombiMAX opens new possibilities for Lalgy (1)

For several years, Lalgy had been operating with a seven-axle CombiMAX setup, which was recently completed by a further 11 axle lines, plus numerous accessories. This, according to Faymonville, enables the company to move mining and construction equipment on an excavator deck, mobile cranes or industrial goods on an extra-low vessel bridge, or very long cargo using the add-on-beam.