EMS-Fehn-Group, together with Wallenius SOL, has delivered components for the Puskakorpi wind farm from Lübeck, Germany to Western Finland.


The project involved shipping 16 wind turbine towers, which each consisted of 81 segments plus adapters. To avoid deploying extra ships or blocking large areas of the port, EMS and Wallenius SOL devised a solution to ship two towers per week for eight weeks on the shipping line’s Lübeck – Oulu route.

Dominic Sleur, chief sales officer at EMS-Fehn-Group and managing director of EMS Log, said: “Transporting the tower segments with a regular cargo vessel would have posed a number of obstacles. For example, a considerable amount of cargo would have had to be gathered in one place to make the vessel’s journey worthwhile. This would have had the potential to nearly block an entire port.

“By relying on Wallenius SOL’s regular service instead we were able to maintain a steady flow of cargo. The tower components arrived in time and according to our customer’s schedule without us having to take up large areas to store the cargo intermediately,” he added.

Kai Peränen, Wallenius SOL commercial manager, continued: “We already have regular traffic between Lübeck and Oulu, so we can fill the main deck with the segments needed in the wind farm the following week, while still having the entire upper deck and lower deck free for other freight.”

In between the weekly deliveries by vessel, trucks carried the tower segments that had already arrived in Oulu to the Puskakorpi wind farm. This alone amounted to more than 100 truck loads per week. At the construction site, the 80 m towers are now being erected.

Wallenius SOL also transported the cranes that EFG Scandinavia, another EMS-Fehn-Group company, uses to assemble the wind turbines.