Höegh Autoliners has transported three 52-tonne mud pumps plus accessories from India to Colombia on behalf of Om Freight Forwarders.

The equipment was moved from Mumbai to Cartagena on one of Höegh’s regular ro-ro services to the region.

The 4.5 m-high mud pumps were loaded onto the vessel using Höegh’s super-low roll trailers. As this handling equipment only measures 47 cm high, the cargoes were able pass udder the ship’s 5 m clearance profile.

Atuldutt Sharma, Höegh Autoliners’ breakbulk sales manager for India, said: “The customer had a specific deadline to ship the critical cargo from Mumbai to Cartagena. With our regular liner service to the Caribbean, it not only offered the best transit time, but also the possibility to plan for the important shipment.”