A 1,850-tonne regenerator, measuring 42 m x 15.9 m x 15.2 m, was loaded onboard the heavy lift vessel Jumbo Kinetic for the Dos Bocas refinery project in Mexico.


On behalf of Mammoet, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance loaded cargoes for the project, including a reactor and stabiliser, in Masan and Ulsan, South Korea. The regenerator is the second-heaviest cargo ever loaded by Jumbo Kinetic’s two cranes.

The shipment was offloaded at the discharge port of Dos Bocas, where the heavy lift vessel Jumbo Jubilee was also present to deliver cargoes for the project.

The Jumbo Kinetic will load more cargo in Vietnam for a different client and return to Dos Bocas with more equipment for the refinery.