Mammoet Australia has delivered five new 43.5 m-long trams to the Gold Coast, Queensland, as part of an expansion project of the light rail network in the city.

Mammoet Australia delivers five new 43.5 m long trams to the Gold Coast

After being manufactured in Austria, the trams were transported to the port of Brisbane, Australia, on a ro-ro vessel before being escorted to the Gold Coast at the south of the city.

Mammoet Australia used its engineered ramps and heavy-duty winching equipment to load and offload the trams. These ramps were designed and fabricated using procured rail sections to enable the trams to be pulled onto conventional hydraulic platform trailers. Subsequently, a winch truck carefully manoeuvred the trams onto and off the trailers using the rail ramps.

The whole process required meticulous planning and execution. Mammoet was tasked with mobilsing equipment to Brisbane; offloading from the ro-ro vessel; transport to Southport; unloading via the bespoke ramps at Queen Street tram station; and finally, demobilisation back to Brisbane in a reconfigured combination, all within a narrow 12-13-hour window. deugro contracted Mammoet to perform this job.

The delivery of these new trams is part of a 4.2-mile (6.7-km) expansion of the network intended to reduce congestion and develop public transport systems for the Gold Coast region.

In May, HLPFI reported that Mammoet Australia introduced hands-free lifting across its operations to enhance workplace safety when dealing with suspended loads.