Mammoet has removed a bridge section in Vienna, Austria, as part of a demolition project.


Austrian autobahn and highway financing stock corporation, ASFINAG, contracted Mammoet for the work.

Mammoet explained that, due to confined space and an elevated road below, the 43 m-long, 550-tonne bridge could not be demolished in a conventional way.

The planning phase of the project started 12 months before its execution. A total of around 100 truck trips, including 20 special transports, were arranged.

The solution was to lift the bridge section in one piece and place it at the side of the structure. Mammoet said it opted for a 1,600-tonne capacity Demag CC 8800-1 crane due to the congested surroundings.

“For the heavy lift, it was particularly important to exactly calculate the centre of gravity of the bridge in advance and to precisely adapt the rigging equipment to it,” explained Gernot Öder, manager crane and transport projects, engineering and project management at Mammoet.

In this case, a 31 m-long special spreader beam for a load of 650 tonnes was required. The weight of the rigging equipment alone was 70 tonnes.