Mammoet coordinated the transport, lifting and installation of eight air coolers on to a roof during the construction of a biotech plant facility in Ulm, Germany.

Mammoet deployed a Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane for the operation, which required the air coolers to be lifted to a height of 41 m. The crane was equipped with a 56 m-long luffing jib to complete the lifts.

Due to limited space and safety concerns, Mammoet said careful planning and coordination was required to ensure minimal disruption to the construction works at the site.

The heavy lift specialist designed a special rigging scheme with pulleys and traverses, with a low weight of 0.8 tonnes. A conventional rigging scheme would have a weight of around 7 tonnes.

“This, in turn would have meant 40 tonnes more ballast would be required for the crane configuration, and a larger impact made on other important construction tasks,” Mammoet said.

During the design phase, Mammoet also prepared studies for the assembly of the crane and installation and carried out a load test to check the rigging equipment. This prior planning reduced the installation time by 40 percent, said Mammoet. The coolers were installed over the course of one and a half days.

Once in operation, the plant will produce biotechnological agents for the treatment of serious diseases.