The Lagos Deep Offshore Logistic Base (LADOL) in Nigeria and Mammoet have deployed the MTC 15 shore crane to lift and launch a 320-ton (290.3-tonne) Multi Cat vessel.


LADOL and Mammoet formed a partnership during the beginning of 2020 with the aim of expanding the terminal’s capacity to handle project cargo, as HLPFI reported here. The agreement saw Mammoet supply the base with the 600-tonne MTC 15 crane, which LADOL said transforms its quayside into a heavy lift terminal.

This was the MTC’s inaugural heavy lift project at LADOL. The company’s executive director, business development, Jide Jadesimi said: “On the September 7, 2021, the air was full of excitement and anticipation, history was being made with the first ever heavy lift of its kind by a terminal in Lagos Harbour. The Mammoet MTC 15 heavy lift crane hoisted the 320-ton [290.3-tonne] boat into the air from the deck of the cargo vessel, which was berthed at the LADOL quayside. This high-tech lift was carried out by all stakeholders involved in perfect unison.”

LADOL added that the work marks a new era for heavy lift operations in West Africa. “Using the MTC crane installed at LADOL’s quayside means that a major impediment to 100 percent local vessel fabrication and other large industrial projects taking place in Nigeria has been eliminated. Many ports across the world, from Europe to America, lack the heavy lift capabilities now installed in Nigeria. This automatically makes Nigeria the heavy lift hub for West Africa.”