Red Wolf Global has transported a high-pressure separator from Laem Chabang to Rayong in Thailand.

The oversized cargo, which will be used in the cement industry, measured 6.75 m x 2.35 m x 2.35 m and weighed 67 tons (60.78 tonnes).

Red Wolf Global received the cargo at the Laem Chabang port in Thailand, after it had been shipped from Hamburg, Germany. Using two 120-tonne capacity cranes it lifted the separator and positioned it on a lowbed six-axle trailer.

The logistics provider then transported the equipment a distance of 75 km to TPI Polene’s facilities in the Rayong province.

At the destination, Red Wolf Global once again used two 120-tonne capacity cranes to lift the separator off the trailer.

Red Wolf Global is a member of the XLProjects (XLP) network in Thailand.