Heavy lift and engineered transport specialist Sarens has replaced two overhead service crane beams, originally installed in the 1940s, at the Pine Portage generating station in Ontario, Canada.

Sarens replaces 80-year old girders in Ontario

Source: Sarens

The biggest challenge for Sarens was the confined operating space, with live equipment and limited information about the weight of the components to be removed.

Site inspections were conducted months in advance, with each step meticulously calculated. The layout was arranged and planned to ensure no interference was caused during lifting, removal, and rotation of the old beams and the installation of the new beams.

The team deployed a hydraulic gantry system, hydraulic rotation unit, auxiliary pieces, and load cells. The equipment was mobilised from Sarens’ depot in the USA in two transport loads and was assembled in two days.

The two girders, measuring 15.5 m and with a maximum weight of 40 tonnes, were then removed. Due to the limited information about the exact centre of gravity for the loads, the engineering team at Sarens was present onsite during the removal stage to closely monitor the weight of the girders and adjust the lifting plan in real-time.

The equipment picked up the girders at a height of 10 m, freeing it from the rails. They were then rotated 90 degrees for clearance using a hydraulic turntable. Once lowered, the girders were removed with the help of an assisting crane. The same operation was repeated in reverse order during the installation.