Since November last year, Schmidbauer has been handling the unloading cable drums at bayernhafen Regensburg in Germany on behalf of deugro and the SuedOstLink project.


Schmidbauer’s involvement in the project will see it move around 300 cable drums, in addition to providing storage solutions for the 80-tonne units as well as other components, such as fibre optic cables and accessories.

The SuedOstLink project will ensure that the electricity produced from renewable sources in the north and northeast of Germany can be transported to the south by means of extra-high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. Project 5 of the SuedOstLink is around 540 km long and stretches from Wolmirstedt near Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt to the Isar grid interconnection point near Landshut in Bavaria.

In Bavaria, TenneT is planning and building the line from Münchenreuth, in the district of Hof, to the grid connection point.

The cable drums are produced by the Prysmian Group at a site in Gron near Paris. From there, they are transported by ship to the storage area in Regensburg. With the help of a 300-tonne capacity Liebherr LR 1300.1 SX crawler crane, the cable drums are unloaded from the barge, then stored at the 25,000 sq m site. 

Schmidbauer is also providing a 2,000 sq m warehouse to store the cable sleeves and terminations professionally and safely.

As soon as shipping of the cable drums to their final destination begins, several special transporters will be loaded each week and sent toward the construction site. Construction of the SuedOstLink is expected to begin in 2024.