Sarens has deployed its SGC-120 crane for a series of heavy lifts at Hindustan Petroleum’s refinery in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sarens refinery

The crane was hired by L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering and will remain onsite for just over seven months, including assembly and disassembly.

The crane was sent from Newcastle, UK to Antwerp in Belgium before being delivered to India’s Kakinada port.

During its time onsite, the SGC-120 will lift five components for the world’s heaviest LC MAX reactor, weighing 2,210 tonnes, and four other similar reactors.

In addition to the reactor lifts, the SGC-120 will handle heavy pipe rack modules, for which a special lifting arrangement has also been designed and provided by Sarens.

Sarens added that the crane has been specially reinforced and prepared to lift these extremely heavy loads.