Wangfoong Transportation has transported a 28 m-long yacht from Genoa in Italy to Hong Kong.

The Sunseeker yacht was shipped onboard a bulk vessel. The Wangfoong team in Hong Kong, together with a surveyor, was able to board the vessel for a pre-discharging inspection. Once discharged onto the water, the receiving crew – including the captain, sailors and operational staff – boarded the yacht to prepare for it sailing.

A tug boat was then used to tow the yacht to a marina for mooring.

Wangfoong oversaw the shipping and receiving of the yacht and the acquisition of the approval-in-principle, as required by the Hong Kong Marine Department prior to arrival. Upon arrival, Wangfoong also provided a marine surveyor and applied for the relevant licenses on behalf of its client.

Wangfoong Transportation is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in Hong Kong.