January 23 - Hydra-Slide has launched its third low profile hydraulic skidding system- the LP350, which has already been used on two projects by Rapid Response Solutions (RRS).

The LP350, capable of pushing loads up to 350 tons (310 tonnes), represents continued evolution of the low profile range that includes the XLP150 and LP400 systems, says Hydra-Slide.

The products are completely hand-portable and are suitable for use in areas with limited access or clearance.

RRS used the LP350 for two marine and industrial projects shortly after taking delivery of the equipment. Having moved an approximately 20-tonne engine and associated components out of a hangar onto the flight deck of a naval ship, it then removed a 25-tonne gearbox from within a confined plant-room.

According to Hydra-Slide a standout component of the LP350 is the graphite steel slide surface, also a feature of the heavy track range, replacing the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) pads that were subject to wear and vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Janine Smith, vice president at Hydra-Slide, said: "We've had an extremely positive response to our two current low profile skid models. As applications across the globe have proved, they require little heavy equipment for transportation, set-up and operation. Aligned with our ambition to continually improve on past successes we conceptualised a new system that, like its predecessors, is assembled with simple connections and designed with the operator in mind."