October 22 - Following the launch of their multipurpose tramp and project cargo shipping cooperation in May 2015, AAL and Peter Döhle have established a new operation in Italy - OceanWise Corp (OWC).

OWC will act as commercial agents to the AAL and Peter Döhle partnership, providing customers in Italy and elsewhere in Europe with tramp and project shipping solutions using the two operators' combined fleet of 26 multipurpose heavy lift vessels.

Based in Genoa, OWC will be manned by president, Michela Villa, and chartering directors, Maurizio Pigna and Alessandro De Vincentiis.

HLPFI reported in May 2015 that AAL and Peter Döhle had formed a global cooperation, with AAL handling operations east of the Suez Canal and in the Americas, while Peter Döhle oversees activity in Europe and Africa.