October 16 - The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has unveiled a new interactive hemispheric map tool on its website, which provides information about each of its member ports.

Using the technology of Google Maps, the new Member Ports Map and Multimedia tool provides information regarding the primary cargoes, channel depths, contact information, websites, image galleries, social media and multimedia links for each of its member ports.

Specific port information can be easily accessed by clicking on the '+' and '-' signs at the bottom left of the map to enlarge or reduce it, and then clicking on each port's pin marker on the map, explained the AAPA.

In addition to seeing the geographic location of each port, you can render a top-down view of each port location by clicking on the 'window/arrow' icon in the top left corner of the map, then scrolling to the bottom of the list and clicking on the square map icon. Using aerial and satellite imagery, this view enables you to zoom in on the address of each port's headquarters location.

The map includes buttons and information for 14 Canadian ports, 85 US ports, nine Caribbean ports and 48 Latin American ports.

Take a look at the new tool on the AAPA website.